Primary care that's more convenient, more affordable and puts patients first.

Better Care

Flexible scheduling, unhurried visits, personalized care.

Affordable Pricing

Straightforward and affordable pricing with no hidden costs.

More Value

Wholesale meds and labs, unlimited visits and more.

Employer Option

Small business option for cost effective employee healthcare

Dr. Jones' Message

“I’m passionate about helping others enjoy good health and the best quality of life possible. I started my private practice, Priority Care, to be the kind of doctor I always wanted to be, the kind everyone deserves.

As a direct primary care physician, my patients’ visits aren’t rushed, and I’m always here for them when they need me most. My goal is to provide all of my patients with quality care, greater access, and better solutions all of the time.”

Melissa Jones, DO

Better Care

DPC benefits patients by providing substantial savings and a greater degree of access to, and time with, physicians. Patients’ needs come first at Priority Care.

DPC allows family physicians to care for the whole person while reducing the overhead and negative incentives associated with fee-for-service third-party-payer billing. Watch this video to learn more.

More Value

SERVICE: The hallmark of DPC is adequate time spent between patient and physician, creating an enduring doctor-patient relationship. Supported by unfettered access to care, DPC enables unhurried interactions and frequent discussions to assess lifestyle choices and treatment decisions aimed at long-term health and well-being.

PATIENT CHOICE: Patients in DPC choose their own personal physician and are active partners in their healthcare. Empowered by accurate information at the point of care, patients are fully involved in making their own medical and financial choices.

ADVOCACY: DPC providers are committed advocates for patients within the healthcare system. They have time to make informed, appropriate referrals and support patient needs when they are outside of primary care. DPC providers accept the responsibility to be available to patients serving as patient guides.

STEWARDSHIP: DPC providers believe that healthcare must provide more value to the patient and the system. Healthcare can, and must, be higher-performing, more patient-responsive, less invasive, and less expensive than it is today. The ultimate goal is health and well being, not simply the treatment of disease.

AFFORDABILITY: One of the biggest advantages of direct primary care is its ability to save patients money. Through DPC, a monthly retainer is paid that covers doctor visits and any services rendered. This retainer is the same amount each month no matter how many times a patient makes a visit to their doctor’s office. This can result in significant savings for patients.

Priority Care Services

There are never any copays. Because we see fewer patients, you are a priority, and you’ll feel like one. We will do everything in our power to get you into the office the same day or next day when you need care.

You won’t feel rushed through an appointment, and there’s never a question you won’t have time to ask. Part of the relationship you’ll build with your doctor is based on your understanding of your care. Now that’s what we call personal healthcare.

This exam will be fitted to your personal medical needs. It’s all about you, and your specific goals for wellness. A physical exam will be done, and appropriate tests will be ordered. We will also make sure you are up to date with all recommended health screenings.

If you require a consultant for specialty medical care, our doctors will work closely with that specialist. Because Priority Care is not affiliated with any other healthcare systems, the choice is ours to make together.

We have negotiated the best prices for labs and medications. We do not take a profit so those savings are passed directly on to our patients.

You’ll be able to reach us and your medical information via internet, webcam, email and text.

Unlimited Primary Care for your employees for $59 per month. Employers pay a flat monthly membership fee of $59 per enrolled employee. Employers have the option to enroll or remove employees each month. 

Transition management following WPATH standards of care.  Dr. Jones is a member of the Charlotte Transgender Healthcare Group and Board President of Transcend Charlotte. Hormone therapy along with Primary Care needs provided for ages 17 and up. 

Affordable Pricing


Age 17 and under (with adult family member)


Age 17 and under (without adult family member)


Age 18-26

$75-99/month per individual

Age 27-99

Discount of $75 a month per member if two or more members of household enroll


Age 100+


Most frequent questions and answers

Direct Primary Care, or DPC, is a model of healthcare that puts patients first by getting rid of the red tape that constrains traditional practices.

How? It’s simple: we don’t accept insurance, and instead we charge a low monthly membership fee that covers all your primary care office visits.

This membership is coupled with discounted medications and labs.

Believe it or not – this actually saves you money in the long run.

You won’t have to pay a co-pay for any office visits or routine physicals.

You’ll be able to avoid many visits altogether by sending your questions directly to us via email and text – something you won’t get from a traditional practice.

We’ve negotiated some pretty good deals for prescription medications, blood tests, and even XRays on your behalf.

And, we pass those savings right on to you.

The fee covers all of the office visits you may need with no copay, ever.

This includes the following: annual wellness exams, sports physicals, school physicals, chronic care office visits, follow-up visits, basic office procedures and treatment of acute illness or minor injuries, all with minimal wait times in the office.

The fee also covers direct communications with your doctor: phone, text, email or video chat.

Our active members also have access to discounted labs, prescriptions and special procedures pricing not included in the membership fees.

Of course!

Although we like to try and answer most routine questions and calls during office hours, we realize illness and injury don’t always happen between 9am-5pm.

You may call, text, or email your physician whenever you need.

Physician access is one of the greatest benefits of the direct primary care model.

While you don’t need insurance to use our services,  we recommend that you do have insurance to comply with Federal Law.

DPC is not an insurance plan, nor does it replace insurance.

Ideally, we encourage our patients to carry a high deductible, major medical plan or a plan with a health savings account.

Another option many of our patients use is a Share Plan, like Medi-Share or Sedara HealthShare.

Having a high deductible or a share plan ensures financial help should hospitalization or referral to a specialist be necessary.


Happy Patients

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