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person holding allergy medicine bottle

A friendlier option for allergy sufferers, Priority Care introduces new way to treat the cause of allergies to Charlotte, NC

Starting April, 12, 2021: Though there are 50-60 million allergy sufferers in the U.S., only a fraction receive treatment that can change the underlying disease. Instead, most suffer with their symptoms, try to avoid problem allergens, or treat symptoms temporarily with prescriptions and over-the-counter medications. But now, allergy sufferers in Charlotte, NC have another option for treating the cause—not just the symptoms—of their allergies. Priority Care has introduced area allergy sufferers to sublingual immunotherapy, or allergy drop immunotherapy. Like allergy…

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How to Find the Best Primary Care Doctor in Charlotte, NC

There are lots of different variables that go into a great healthcare experience. An important, yet often overlooked, factor is your relationship with your doctor. In fact, this relationship can mean the difference in an excellent experience and an experience that’s just ok. And when it comes to your health, “ok” is not ok.

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